Mikey’s Mini Donuts

Mini donuts can be delicious, without the guilt of eating a complete donut. To get some mini donuts, go to Mikey's Mini Donuts at the Chambersburg PA Center. Mikey's Mini Donuts are the perfect complement for a day of family entertainment or shopping in the city center of Chambersburg. Michael Rosario opened Mikey's Mini Donuts in Hagerstown, with his wife and 1 year old son. "It's a family business," he said. His wife helped him when he had days off from work, and his cousin is a business partner. Mini Donut attracts children and adults alike. After a while, Mikeys Mini Donuts passed under the direction of Yomaira Robles and her husband Luis Medina. We believe that self-discovery occurs through experience, the search for the best coffees, split a mini donut with your little one or meet for your first coffee with someone special. That is why our mission is to involve people with an immensely satisfying experience. Mikeys Mini Donut's vision is to provide a space and a product that fosters growth through the experience of delicious and well-made products by people who care about providing their customers with the best quality and experience. We visualize sustainable growth as the most satisfying Mini Donuts in Chambersburg PA. With a focus on unique and well-prepared foods and beverages, excellent customer participation and a relentless pursuit of excellence and delight, Mikeys Mini Donut will be recognized as the destination in Franklin County for an immensely satisfying experience. We promoted the Mini Donuts and began to expand the Menu where more and more people commented on the rich Mini Donuts at the Hagerstown Outlets, after a year, Yomaira Robles and Luis Medina decide to take Mikeys Mini Donut to the city of Chambersburg PA and open their doors at the beginning of the year 2020. “Our donuts are fresh and we prepare the dough every morning. We also offer Waffle Pops, which are strips of waffle dough on a kebab stick. They are also prepared at the time the customer requests them, Waffle Pops come with ingredients, such as donuts. The whole process of frying the dough in a Mini Donut or Waffle Pop takes approximately two minutes, complete with toppings. The Mini Donuts come in bags of eight or 12. Or you can order The Mikey, four Mini Donuts and a scoop of ice cream. We also have a variety of delicious Frappe, Smoothies, Coffee, Smoothies, etc.

Mikey's Mini Donut is located in the heart of Chambersburg PA